Larry mug 3 Larry Johnson is a senior editor for Middle East Eye, in charge of the Americas Bureau. He has been a journalist for more than 30 years, including stints as senior online editor at Al Jazeera English, senior producer at MSN, social media editor for MSN News and foreign editor at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper. He has traveled in more than 35 countries, including Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Qatar, Syria, and covered Iraq for the Post-Intelligencer in 1999, 2002 and 2003.

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  1. Larry. I sent an email to the Governor and others asking what cure the State planned to make its Gaza policy reflected in SP 8602 supporting Israel and McKenna’s policy letter supporting Israel in Gaza during December and January. Please reconsider State international policy in lieu of the U.N.’s finding that these actions were war crimes. What corrective Change did she recommend. jack smith

  2. In light of this United Nations finding (below), I suggest it time for Washington State to review its international position with respect to Gaza. Specifically I question that SR 8602 and Attorney General McKenna
    will hold muster considering the war crimes that the United Nation’s
    has found. I believe it understatement to conclude that the State actions were premature. I ask for your assistance determining the proper cure. Jack Smith

    United Nations Report on Gaza – Dec 27 to Jan 18

    By Terence Burke

    UNITED NATIONS (CNN) — A United Nations report issued Tuesday says both Israel and the Palestinians committed actions amounting to war crimes during Israel’s military incursion into Gaza from December 27 to January 18.
    A member of Hamas walks through a building damaged during fighting with Israel in Gaza last January.

    A member of Hamas walks through a building damaged during fighting with Israel in Gaza last January.

    Although the U.N. investigation found that Palestinian militants also committed war crimes, the overwhelming majority of the criticism in a summary of the 574-page report targets Israel.

    Israel “committed actions amounting to war crimes, possibly crimes against humanity,” the report says.

    The findings were revealed by the head of the U.N. Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict, headed by Richard Goldstone, a South African judge.

    Israel did not cooperate in the investigation.

    The Israeli Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying Israel “did not feel able to cooperate with the Fact Finding Mission because its mandate was clearly one-sided and ignored the thousands of Hamas missile attacks on civilians in southern Israel that made the Gaza Operation necessary.”

    Sami Abu Zuhri, a spokesman for Hamas, which controls Gaza, told CNN: “This report is evidence of the crimes committed by the occupation forces against Palestinian citizens.”

    He rebutted claims in the report that Hamas militants also committed war crimes by saying that “the Palestinian factions were defending themselves, which international law allows them to do.”

    The report claims that the Israel Defense Forces “failed to take feasible precautions required by international law to avoid or minimize loss of civilian life, injury to civilians and damage to civilian objects.”

    The U.N. findings also conclude that Israel fired the chemical agent white phosphorous in civilian areas, intentionally fired high-explosive artillery shells upon hospitals, and failed to provide effective warnings to civilians or U.N. workers before attacks. It also claims that Israel used Palestinian civilians as human shields and deliberately attacked Palestinian food supplies in Gaza.

    The report recommends that the U.N. Security Council require the government of Israel to launch appropriate independent investigations into the findings of the report within three months. The findings also recommend that the alleged Israeli war crimes be explored by the International Criminal Court’s prosecutor.

    The findings also call on Palestinian leadership to investigate alleged war crimes, for militants to respect humanitarian law, and for the release of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit on humanitarian grounds.

    Jack Smith
    Support Single Payer

  3. Larry Johnson combines the highest standards of patriotic integrity with professionalism (in the best sense of that frequently debased word). If your child avoids death or worse in the wars which increase danger to America (Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. ), you can thank Larry Johnson. If you can get or keep your health care (instead of losing the money to pay for the multi-trillion dollar wars), you can thank real media giants like Larry Johnson.

    Almost alone among US foreign correspondents, Johnson dared travel twice without US government minders to Iraq to expose the expose the grim reality that the economic sanctions against Iraq constituted a vast and horrific crime against the infants and children of Iraq — nothing less than public relations friendly genocide.

    The blowback from this atrocity has resulted in the needless deaths of over 5,300 US troops in Iraq alone and the suicides, psychological and physical ruination for at least 10 times more US troops + military madness which robs us of our civil liberties under Bush, now Omaba, as well as any prospect health care for all.

    We desperately need honest media from the Larry Johnsons of America to report on peaceful ways to pressure Obama and the Democrates to keep, rather than betray, their campaign promises.

  4. I really don’t get what happened in Iraq and Gaza. But what i get from my grandmother she told me when she was young , Israel and Palestinian still at war…war for what??!!

    Until now , there are still no sign to stop each other. I think because of political issues and really wasting our time as a human with senses.

    Thank You.

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